How to Customize Sneakers Series pt 1

How to Customize Sneakers Series pt 1

Imagine going out of your way into getting a custom pair of sneakers that have your name, favorite team, memorial to a loved one, or any reason that you have to get a pair of 1 of 1's.  The sneaker culture itself claims to be a trendsetting lifestyle in itself.  With the growing popularity within the sneaker culture itself is a unique group of individuals that showcase their artwork on sneakers for the world to see.  These people we call Customizers.  They take highly coveted sneakers that range anywhere from Jordans, Yeezys, Vans, and any other brand that you can think of.  

Any shoe can be customized from the cheapest to the most sought after sneakers on the market.  I myself have customized a pair of $15 shoes from payless just to butcher and practice on.  It's like doing a tattoo, you're not going to just start off on skin.  There has to be a give and take in any art industry as well as this one.  As a tattoo apprentice you start out by cleaning, learning your machines, practice your drawing and linework, refining your color theory, and asking a shit ton of questions.  I always said you have to fuck up 100 tattoos before thinking that you're any good.  This life is no different from learning the parts to your airbrush, which brushes do the particular strokes you're looking for, to mixing paints to get your desired effects.  

We constantly receive questions on a daily basis these basic questions from folks that are starting out.  Honestly, we are fond of them but to a certain extent.  Many people go in blind without having any leg to stand on because of many factors from the world we live in.  Some artists charge too much money, they aren't the nicest to speak to (present company included,) they may not have the ability to understand what you mean when it comes to putting your vision on said canvas, or you love sneakers and art and want to make this a hobby, or see an opportunity to make some dolla dolla bills ya'll.  These are just some of the reasons why people like you want to make the jump into customizing.

Again WE aren't any different from you.  When we spoke to Sierato he even said the artist he was dealing with was charging too much so he even said "fuck it, i'll do it myself!"  Commendable, and look where he is now, one of the top sought after customizers in the game today.

We value the time that people take our of their day to contact us and make the jump into our field and care about what they do.  It's fun, time consuming, and any piece of art can be.

Now think of this, have you ever asked yourself, could this line be better?  Could I have mixed this color instead of this one? Why am I getting some bleeding through my stencils?  Whats better to use, a paintbrush or an airbrush? Why should I use a heat gun or blow dryer?  Then you need a series that's going to answer a lot of these questions.

I want to let you all know that as part of this series of "How to customize sneakers" we'll be offering some great tips to the trade as well as show you via YouTube how to exactly do these projects, what tools you'll need, which are the best to use as well as what we use to do certain projects.  

With any new hobby, you need to practice, practice, practice or else you'll never get any better at it.  We leave you with that my pedigree chums. 

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