LV x Supreme Denim Bracelet

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LV x Supreme Denim Bracelet

In order to truly appreciate great have to see the canvas and understand what kind of canvas you're really working with.  Now imagine taking a $3000 canvas and taking a scissor to it and thinking "I'm going to cut these up and make mini masterpieces."  Well, so is the case here!  Me personally I would have a wee-bit of a heart attack just thinking that this is what I'm going to do and if I'm going to mess up.


The longing of the LV x Supreme line release was insane but now add into the mix these babies.  What do "I" need to do to get these?  Thank goodness you asked.  First, I would say measure your wrist.  This is going to be literally be the only factor as to which one you would like to purchase, I mean you want it to fit right!? Then figure out the thickness in which you want it in.


Lets take into consideration that not only are these a work of art.  They were handled with the up most care by the talented BigACustoms.  A craftsman and truly an expert his field.  A true customizer/wizard with a sewing machine.  As previously stated who could imagine thinking that it would be a great idea to chop up a pair of LV Supreme jeans.  You could too have a piece of the Supreme S/S 17' Seasons limited release with a bracelet to take home.

Find the LV x Supreme Denim Bracelet here!

Don't forget to check out our YouTube video for the goshdarn thing...its a minute. Literally waste your time watching it.  Its fun.

Thanks people! Appreciate the time it took you in reading this mofuhhin post.

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