Mikey Likes It x Ewing 33 Hi

Mikey Likes It x Ewing 33 Hi

After I got off of work I stopped by the Mikey Likes it shop and tried some ice cream and fished for some information on the limited release of what the hip hop ice cream shop had in store. Little did I know that it would be an awesome experience to get these kicks.

The blue suede with the translucent sole and the steel accents around the sneaker make this quite the weekend pickup. Not necessarily the most sought after limited edition sneaker but none the less a diamond in the rough. Couldn’t wait to be the first to get the limited edition Mikey Likes It x Ewing Hi 33.

Ewing Athletics created quite the quality shoe. Shouting both of these companies out is an honor. The great quality suede and leather make for a comfortable snug true to size fit.

In all honesty not so many bloopers because we’re getting the hang of doing videos now that we have a couple under our belt and we’re starter to flow in a nicer fashion we still pretty much had nothing but positive things to say about these sneakers.

We thank the staff at Mikey Likes It for being awesome as well as for creating a great shoe and dishing out that famous ice cream.

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