1K Mirror Belt

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Do you like seeing yourself enough?  Maybe? If you're me...you def. do. OneKind London is the "said" provider of such a belt to help you look at yourself...ORRRRRRR have others look at themselves at eye level...IF YOU GET MY REFERENCE! if you want me to break it down a bit more...I can't cause then i'de be writing a better narrative for any 50 shades of grey movie...ANY OF THEM!

BTW I read those stupid books and the worst part about them is reading the emails that they would send eachother back and forth...OH WAIT! Why kenny did you read those books? I love smut reading as good as the next person and I wanted to see what the hype was BUT again digressing about these damn belts...

This is like a pootie tang belt...get it and smack them hoes'

Hearts around the world!



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