Best Rick & Morty by GarrettMoon

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Best Rick & Morty by GarrettMoon

Today we announce that the winner for our week 1 was GarrettMoon with the Best Rick and Morty Customs.  With a regular pair of rare Yeezy 750's he made this glorious space age custom that surely turns heads and faces.  Taking a sneaker and painting on it isn't for the weak of hearts but when you're working on many sneakerhead grails I feel like you would need a different set of balls and "balls" GarretMoon has in abundance.
Well what I properly misuse verbally as balls, its more of an attitude problem but If you know Garrett we will call it "a passion for his artwork."  IF YOU HAVENT NOTICED that is thoroughly enforced in his artistic renditions.
As an avid spectator and artists Thomas and I would clock this job at around 6-12 hours due to the detail and landscape themed Rick and Morty Yeezy with Summer and Beth on the other.  Now imagine artwork that takes 6-12 hours to complete.  We know that this could be a pretty penny to make.  
We see no signs that this shoe was made improperly and that the tape job is above par.  We also know that if there is anyone as meticulous as anyone could get its going to be GarrettMoon.  I wish that you guys could appreciate this custom as much as we do and why we are totally happy that you guys chose this as your week 1 winner for the depot battle.

If you needed paints for your next project please be sure to check out this link for paints and supplies! -> PAINTS/SUPPLIESIf you haven't already gotten a chance to check out GarrettMoons work go check it out with the quickness over on instagram -> Garrett_Moon17

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  • Paul

    I want space jam customize shoes

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