es Question: Who are we? 

Answer: We are the #1 marketplace for custom made products.

Question: Where are you guys located?

Answer: We have artists located all over the US. However, our home base is in New York. 

Question: Are your products authentic? 

Answer: Yes, all the base sneakers our artists use for customs are authentic products. All our clothing and other products are authentic as well. 

Question: Do you guys customize shoes? 

Answer: Yes, however, we only offer PRE-MADE customs. 

Question: Do you guys accept personal custom requests? 

Answer: Absolutely! Shoot us an email at depotpromos@gmail.com

Question: Why are the customs so expensive? 

Answer: They are all handmade and take numerous hours to prepare, paint and seal so that you get a quality piece of art. 

Question: I placed an order, how long will it take to create and ship out my order? 

Answer: Each item has a different time frame. Each time frame is subject to change depending on who is supplying the order of your purchase. 

Question: Which shipping service do you use? 

Answer: All orders will be shipped via USPS. Any item over $750 will require a signature confirmation. No acceptions. 

Question: How long will my customs last?

Answer: All customs are prepared, painted and sealed with this in mind. However, numerous factors can and will alter your result of the lifespan of your custom. Please see our purchase disclaimer before ordering.

Question: My order is taking a while to ship, what is the problem?

Answer: Each product on our website is supplied either by us (on occasion) or a separate artist/supplier (most of the time). These artists or suppliers may have a previous high volume of orders so please be patient. If you have any questions please email us depotpromos@gmail.com.

Question: Do you guys ship internationally? 

Answer: Yes we do! However, please be aware there may be an import tariff for when you receive your purchase in the mail. This is an EXTRA charge that is not included in the purchase of your product or the shipping. 

Question: I've seen a photo on another page's profile that is your website. Why is it on your website? 

Answer: We are a marketplace built for custom artists. Most of the customs on our website are from other artists. However, we have received clearance from the artist to use their photo as well they will be the ones creating the custom you have ordered.