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Thank you and welcome to coming and hanging out with me in the written form. In this day and age where EVERYONE you know wants to be a pseudo hypebeast sometimes you have to do it yourself because of a number of reason, you can't afford it, you are creative, artistic, or the best reason is...you want to make some money! Here is the best way to make a Louis Vuitton Air Force 1. Sneaker Customizing is not some new age phenomenon, but its popularity has grown significantly over the past 3 years and hasn't showed signs of slowing down....

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well well well. Here we are again. I get it...you don't like my face or BigT's for that matter but when I tell you I think I'm cuter than that dude...I am. My life is about constantly digressing from whatever conversation I'm having so lets get started. We just received a dope pair of Custom Louis Vuitton Vans.  Having removed the Toe Box and Rear Heel Tab and chopping up the fine leather of a Louis Vuitton bag, pants, or even a gosh darn wallet, these sneakers have been revamped...revitalized...repurposed with infinite CLOUT.  The creator, BigACustoms is one of the...

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