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Thank you and welcome to coming and hanging out with me in the written form. In this day and age where EVERYONE you know wants to be a pseudo hypebeast sometimes you have to do it yourself because of a number of reason, you can't afford it, you are creative, artistic, or the best reason want to make some money! Here is the best way to make a Louis Vuitton Air Force 1. Sneaker Customizing is not some new age phenomenon, but its popularity has grown significantly over the past 3 years and hasn't showed signs of slowing down....

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Hello Everyone...Dateline Update on Day 2 of our first CustomizerDepot Pop-up Shop! Days 2 went pretty well.  We had sales. People again loved what we were doing.  we received some custom orders as to what people wanted. We are excited that people like us want to express how unique and creative they really can be.  Clearly, the thought of self-identity is strong with our people! Who would think this would be a lucrative job...certainly not our parents for sure. Today I'm going to write about just that.  After working pretty much many jobs available, not finishing my degrees as well...

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